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We need a global approach to this from all sides. We need to educate people, we need the scientists to create new technologies, we need the engineers to create the networks, we need every human being to be aware of how precious water is and save it. Everybody has to be involved in a very firm and assertive way.

— Peter Swanson,
Water: The Drop of Life

Environmental Resources

Doing you part to prevent wastewater emergencies

Public education is key to preserving and enhancing our local as well as global water environment. These resources form Sewer Smart will help you learn how to prevent costly damage to your home, community and environment by learning more about:

EPA Wastewater Education Materials

In depth information, pdf resources and links related to wastewater treatment issues can be found on the EPA website. These include:

General Wastewater Outreach Materials

Materials for Better Septic System Management

Other Helpful Materials

Water Environment Federation®

WEF is a not-for-profit technical and educational organization representing water quality professionals around the world. WEF and its Member Associations proudly work to preserve and enhance the global water environment. This includes educating the public about the importance of proper wastewater treatment.

Resources for teaching children about today's most important water environment topics

These resources are designed to help teachers educate and motivate students to become involved in protecting water environments. The materials are provided free of charge by the Water Environment Federation.

  • Hands-On Activities using The Water Sourcebook pdf series.
    Curriculum Materials
  • View an interactive diagram of a wastewater treatment plant.
    Go with the Flow.
  • Learn the story of water, its treatment and use throughout history, and its importance to life on Earth using the The Aqua Venturer©, an interactive global timeline of water and wastewater past, present, and future.
    Aquaventurer Time Machine
  • A helpful list of websites offering Educational/Classroom information and resources about water issues.
    Educators resources on the web

Get involved with organizations focused on improving water sanitation and water quality for people across the globe

Make a difference. Learn how you can help improve their quality of life for people living in developing countries by getting involved with organizations that support the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities and health and hygiene education programs.

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